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Things to Know Before using Natural Language Generation Software

In order to purchase any Natural Language Generation Software, you need to know how this type of software works. and get more specifics about What is Natural Language Generation ?

Natural language generation is one of the branches of artificial intelligence that generates written or spoken content from a huge set of arranged data so that it is understood as if it was composed by a human.

Before purchasing or using any NLG Software, you need to know the capabilities and features that includes:

  • Ease of use.
  • Ability to deal with huge data sources.
  • Having the tools that convert data to Natural Language.
natural language generation software

What Problems can NLG Solutions Solve?

If we want to talk about the problems which NLG Systems can solve, they are endless, but the following list will summarize the main goals of applying any Natural Language Generation Software .

* Reducing cost.

When using NLG you do not need to hire a large number of professionals in order to understand and use complex data in customer service. Because NLG does this job very quickly, and thus saves the company a lot of time, effort and money.

nlg software

In E-Commerce world, suppose you have an online store that contains thousands of products, and you want to create a description for every item. You will need a lot of time and effort to achieve this task. But with NLG this work can be accomplished with minimal time and effort by using automated content generation.

* Empowering analysts and efficiency.

Automating routine tasks allows employees to focus on more valuable work, providing them with updated results needed to achieve the best insights and make the right decisions at the perfect time.

One of the problems that NLG solutions can solve is generating attractive and unique content for any type of structured data, such as tourism promotions, writing technical articles, and creating health reports.

* Increasing accuracy.

Using Natural Language Generation Software will remove the risk of manual human errors in writing long text, ensuring high quality and accuracy text.

nlg systems

If you work in stocks, NLG Software generates reports on clients’ assets: stocks, indices and portfolios that change every second, then automates them and sends them to clients.

Examples for Natural Language Generation Softwares

Article Forge

Using AI, Article Forge offers you high-quality, unique-content articles that are also low-cost. This program is characterized by its reliance on deep learning technology that has been worked on over five years to reach its current advanced level.


Adzis can be used as an API, Web App, Shopify App. But it is basically an e-commerce content engine that uses AI to automatically generate rich content for describing the products in your online store, bringing more traffic to your site.

AX Semantics

Use your web browser to access AX Semantics which is fully SaaS service. You don’t need IT professionals just take advantage of the e-learning technology provided in this program in order to start automating your text generation in a very short time.


It is a Natural Language Generation Software used for big businesses to automate content generation. You just need to create templates, then include it with stories and structured text linked to the data source. One click and you will get understandable high quality text. The main feature of Contiom is the ability of translating any part of data into any other language.

Arria NLG Studio

As an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, enterprise market, small and medium size businesses can depend on Arria NLG Studio in analyzing and communicating data insights in understandable language. Arria NLG Studio using NLG technology to establish SaaS service to manipulate financial analysis, spotting trends, identifying problems, and forecasting reports.


The main goal of Quill it is creating data-driven stories automatically and use them in your dashboards or domain, which really expand using your dashboards.

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